Avantt magazine Interview to Mr. Latex


A fetish porn rock industrial band with a powerful aesthetic and a lot of talent there is to see.

If you had to define or describe what is Latex, how would you?

LATEX can be defined as an industrial band rock fetish porn, come from Mars nonstop, passing through a halo vampire, almost a vision shock rock, post-futuristic but retro electric shock acid gender-dimensional, floating in a mind open as to astrological sexopático all perverts with a causeway.

How did the idea of ??the band?
In 1998 I decided to create my songs which I came walking around the head, musical and physical shape to the visions of my mind and send me pictures. My band was the major concern I had, an impulse, a need to express incomprehensible, but the musicians did not have to share my musical tastes or interests, inevitably ended up being a solo band.

Why LATEX name?
First the band (when the thought as a group and solo) I named LATEX for the obvious sexual connotation of the material and devotion that I have walked in those years that the material and finally, by one and by other reasons and situations, I realized I had already turned in my name, will accept as his own and began to live again.

How did the idea evolve?
The project was becoming personal, trying to create something unique, musical, visual and conceptual, with their excesses and their fetishes, but more transcending beyond the obviousness of the porn-vision and attitude Sex, drugs and rock n roll. If we stop to observe the details simbológicos, we can unite with something more metaphysical order to get to see the whole picture.

And so we come to "PornoStar" the first album is a compilation of the most significant of which would be the concept LATEX over the years. Also contains a story within a path to follow, from start to finish to start back. This would be the history of Mars (Mars) Latex living through me in this world called Earth, to make music and underground porn movies that are infiltrated by little the network and show my expression of post-human individuality for which wants to see and hear. Through waves of sound and images, is one stop frequency change and mobilize the course of energy to activate hidden areas of the mind and brain ...

What bands were you inspired or influenced this project?
Starting with Mr. Bungle, Ministry, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Pigface, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Atari Teenage Riot, Sex Pistols, Killing Joke, Prodigy, White / Rob Zombie, Psychic TV for example, naming some familiar and after a very long list of very different styles. I like listening to all kinds of music, although the industrial rock is my main audio-musical expression

How do you define your aesthetic and you form and aesthetics of the band?
Aesthetics is always attached to music, image attached to a rhythm or melody, both with photos or live shows I try to stand out that union. The aesthetic is a blend of latex clothing, fetish, vampire, leather, SM and some trashy-punk space with tape.

If you had to name a few factors that make a latex band to go see, what would they be?
Rock, noisy, violent, sexual, voluptuous, toxic, unpredictable ...

You recorded all the instruments on the album "PornoStar" How was the process?
The album "PornoStar" is the work of years, ending several songs going and going improving them, re-recording, re-recorded up to this point required.
All instruments fell under my hands, guitar, bass, keyboards, samples, percussion, programming and all that is missing.
For the record I was using different ways to record, even using samples from cassettes or mini Casio keyboard, but new plugins, mini-moog, drums of metal, different guitars, different equipment, different microphones ... and then mix everything, that I also took his time, a veritable orgy of sound really.

¿Buenos Aires is a good city for this kind of bands?
I think for the composition side of Buenos Aires is a good city to create, to have various types and green urban landscapes with artistic culture in all corners and all that influence to one. It can get really inspiring those contrasts that has all the city and the country is in general, with their lack of things. Causes the force to create witty and sometimes become almost unstoppable. Here many people make magic with their art and to continue doing so. But on the contrary, to grow with a band, have live shows, touring, growing as a band, etc, and is much more complicated, because there are very few places for these bands, some public, little moved, few resources.


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